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  ICD 2 PLX Mini SPP 1.04  

Sp EDB 1.01
SpEDB 1.01
(Embedded Development Board)


SpEDB 1.01 (Embedded Development Board)

1. On-board Philips 89c51RD2 40pin & Atmel 89c2051 20pin Target mcus.
2. Download Hex files directly via ISP using Philips Flash Magic software.
3. Interfaces-Buffered I/O, Standard 8keys keypad, 4x3 Matrix keypad, PC-AT keyboard jack, RS232 port, SPI & I2C E2PROM & RTC with Li Battery, Point LEDs, 16x2LCD, 7seg Displays, ADC/DAC, Relays, High Drive Transistor, Array for Stepper Motor drive.
4. Optional Adaptor for PIC 16F877 40pin mcu, along with ICSP programmer.
5. Optional Adaptor for Motorola HC08 8pin mcu, along with Mon08 Programmer.
6. CD containing freeware IDEs, Assemblers, Simulators & Sample Programs.
7. Standard Delivery = Board + 12V Adaptor + Serial Cable.